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Increased Employee Engagement Equals Increased Profit

Employee Engagement

How are you leading your team? From the back? With your mind? Or with your heart?

Recent Gallup study, State of the American Workplace, revealed only 30 percent of the nations’ workers were fully engaged at their jobs. That means a whopping 70 percent are completely disengaged at work.

Traditional leadership practices have produced the enemy that is low engagement. Employee engagement predicts how well an organization will perform – all the way down to the bottom line. The difference in profitability from the top quartile to the bottom quartile is a whopping 22 percent! Let me say that again… 22 PERCENT. When you consider low employee engagement costs the U.S. economy roughly $370 billion a year, it’s important to get the focus right.

A comprehensive sincere commitment to a top-to-bottom assessment coupled with a comprehensive strategic initiative is a must for companies that want to not only survive, but THRIVE.

Today’s business leaders and executives must step up. You need to hire and nurture high-performance managers. Taking it one step further, you must transform your management team in talent magnets.

Top 5 characteristics of talent magnets are:

Motivate – they challenge themselves and others to improve.
Assertiveness – they push past obstacles and make tough decisions.
Accountable – They create processes to help deliver on team goals.
Build Relationships – personalize how they manage.
Make bold decisions and move forward…

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