Payroll Administration


Pay day is our game day and we always come to win.

We focus on payroll so that you can focus on the important things — like generating revenue for your business! Part of that focus consists of reducing time spent processing payroll by increasing efficiency, all while staying compliant with state and federal wage and hour laws.

We know this is important, not only to you, but also to your employees. That’s why we triple-check our work and do any necessary auditing to avoid mistakes. We also know payroll can be a sensitive subject for many employees, so we make sure to build relationships with them, creating confidence for each payday. It’s this commitment to ongoing excellence and constant transparency that sets our payroll experts above the rest. We have confidence in them — and we know you will, too.

How We Support You

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Our systems-agnostic process is simple: We use your existing payroll systems to complete your payroll! We work closely with your team to ensure everyone has a direct line of communication to your designated AmeriSource payroll specialist.

Employee Updates

Employee Updates

A small task for us may be a huge headache for you. AmeriSource payroll and HR experts can provide employee record maintenance, as needed, for payroll and employment changes, eliminating these small but important administrative tasks from your team’s to-do list.

Time Tracking Management

Time Tracking Management

We can be as involved or as detached as you need when it comes to time tracking. We know how to set up policies and can also help facilitate timely approvals to avoid confusion or mistakes when payday rolls around. “On-time” and “accurate” are words everyone likes to hear when it comes to payday — and we live by both.

tax registration and compliance

Tax Registration and Compliance

Simplify the process of meeting government regulations effortlessly. Whether you're expanding your workforce within a single state or across multiple states, we've got you covered. Let us handle your payroll tax registration and ongoing state compliance needs, so you can focus on business growth. We work with both employers and payroll providers. Contact us to explore how we can streamline your state registration process.

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